Sponsoring Orphans


Canadian Aid and Relief Foundation firmly supports the Declaration of Rights of the Child as provided by the United Nations General Assembly. In fact, our core values match the articles in this declaration. Article 2 states that children have “the right to special protection for the child’s physical, mental, and social development.”

According to UNICEF, there are over 4 million orphans living on the streets of Iraq. We strive to decrease this number by providing orphans with financial foster families, clothing, food, and a quality education.

With your generous support, CARF is aiming to help as many orphans as possible in the regions of Baghdad, Karbala, and Najaf. For $800 (CAD) a year (or $65/month) you can change the life of an orphan.

If you’d like to sponsor a specific orphan, the sponsorship amount is $960 a year. Within just eight to ten weeks after sending your donation, you will receive more information about the orphan (e.g., pictures and info card).

You may donate by cheque, money order, credit card, E-Transfer or PayPal.

Cheques and money orders can be sent by mail to 4-8311 Steveston Hwy Richmond BC V7A 1M4. Credit card and PayPal donations can be made online through our donation’s page.


Widow Assistance


Fighting poverty and empowering women are some of the Canadian Aid and Relief Foundation’s main objectives.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, Iraqis on average make less than $2.20 (US) a day. Iraq has an agonizingly large population of over 2 million widows. With low literacy rates and no vocational experience, women struggle to find any kind of employment.

CARF aims to equip women with income generating skills, such as sewing and home economics training to help them support their families. In partnership with Lady Fatemah Trust in the UK, we have supplied numerous widows with free sewing machines to support them in pursuing their own independent businesses.

Help us in our mission to empower women.