Board of Directors

Seyed Ali Ghazvini

Serving as the President of the Canadian Aid and Relief Foundation, Seyed Ali Ghazvini has been instrumental since its inception. Under his visionary leadership, the organization has witnessed substantial growth, expanding its reach to numerous communities and regions in the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. His commitment has led to the provision of life-changing relief and essential services to thousands of underserved communities.

Dr. Yassir Haider

Dr. Haider is a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Markham Stouffville Hospital, Markham, ON, Canada.

Sayed Saleh Diaaldeen

Sayed Saleh is a business entrepreneur and active member of the Muslim community in North America with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Accounting. He successfully ensures all CARF’s finances are 100% transparent, while personally answering any questions or addressing all concerns to ensure CARF’s continued success.

Sayed Alla Dhaldien

Mr. Dhialdien is a graduate in Electronics Technician, he is an entrepreneur and active member of the greater Toronto community.

Adeleh Qazweeni

Mrs. Qazweeni has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California Poly Technique University and a mother of four. She is an active member in the Vancouver BC community.