Interest Free Micro/ Students’ Loans


CARF is aiming to provide emergency loans to distressed families and low-income students.

Over 200 families living under the line of poverty received lifesaving micro-loans every year provided by our partner DRF-Iraq. These families live all over Iraq in cities like Baghdad, Karbala, and Najaf. CARF also supports low-income youth with student loans which are not commonly provided by Iraqi higher learning institutions.

Orphans and low-income students graduate from Al-Salihat Academy with outstanding grades and get accepted to competitive majors such as pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, and engineering. However, many are not able to continue their education due to lack of funding.

CARF is privileged to raise funds and send them as grants to this program to be facilitated as a loan for some of those students, so they may continue their higher education careers and graduate as successful professionals.

Your donations go towards students achieving their full potentials and accomplishing their dreams. During the 2020-2021 school year, our partners in Iraq were able to provide student loans to as many as 24 students. Many of those students have now graduated as pharmacists, dentists, lab technicians, and medical assistance and we are eager to continue to support such an excellent program.